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Techone Venus 3D blue (sis.moottorin,10A ESC:n,servot ja potkurin)

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Valmistaja Techone
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1. Venus—Molded 3D plane, originated from TechOne’s popular F3P series.

2. Made of durable, crash-resistant EPO material, avoided the disadvantages of depron foam.

3. Simple design, 85% pre-assembled and super convenient assembly process keeps you far away from the complicated traditional assembly process of indoor 3D plane and long time waiting.

4. Very practical equipment cabin, makes all equipments in order, you won’t need to see any messy equipments and worry about that they may be fell off while flying.

5. The included T Motor AT series brushless outrunner motor are perfectly matched for both optimum power and performance.

6. Lightweight decals in vibrant color schemes sticked on the plane.3 kinds of color schemes are available. 

7. Professional aircraft configuration and special airfoil design makes it great performance in full 3D maneuvers. Capable to agilely switch between high speed and slow flying.

8. No matter you’re professional 3D flyer or just starting out in 3D, we believe Venus is your best choice.


Product Specifications
  • Fuselage length: 970mm ( 38.2 in.)
  • Wingspan: 828mm ( 32.6 in.)
  • Flying Weight: 210-250g ( with battery )

Additional Required Equipment

  • Motor: AT2206 V2 KV1500
  • ESC: T10 Amp
  • Propeller: GWS HD 9050 or SF 9047
  • Servo: 5g*3 micro servo
  • Radio:4/more channel
  • Receiver:4/more channel
  • Battery: 400-600mah  7.4v lipo 25c


* Great landing gear design, it’s easy to assemble and knock down. And the aluminum alloy wheel hub and thick sponge are good for shock absorption.

* New pushrod collet design that replaced the Z bend, shrink tube,etc. saved a lot of assembly trouble, and help you adjust the length of pushrods freely. Only weighs 0.3gram.

* Lightweight carbon fiber reinforcements, easy to assemble and no adding weight.

Sisältää: Moottorin, 10A ESC:n, servot ja potkurin.

Lisäksi tarvitset: Lähettimen, vastaanottimen, Li-po akun ja laturin.


Tuote lisätty: 28.01.2013.
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