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Techone Mercury (sis. Moottorin,potkurin,20A ESC:n ja servot)

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Valmistaja Techone
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Product Specifications
  • Fuselage Length: 1030mm (40.5in.)
  • Wingspan: 1400mm (55.1in.)
  • Flying Weight: 630-700g (with battery)
  • Motor: MS2208 KV1550
  • ESC: 20Amp 
  • Propeller: 6X4E prop 
  • Servos: 8g micro servo*4pcs
  • Radio:4/more channel 
  • Battery: 11.1v 3S 1500mAh-2200mAh Li-po 15C
  • Features

  • Rubber nose provides added durability in the case of a hard landing or crash. 
  • Easily detachable tailplane and fin for convenient transport. 
  • Removable landing gear. 
  • Proportional 4-channel control with working throttle, ailerons, rudder and elevator.  2.4GHz radio control. 
  • One-box purchase—everything needed to fly comes in the box, including batteries, and easy to assemble in minutes. Just open the box and fly.
  • Optional flaps for assembly, you not only can learn how to fly, but also its great gliding performance can make you have great glider experience and enjoyment.  
  • Feel it flying too fast in learing period, you can install this part to low down the flying speed. 
  • Three upper dihedral angles on wing assure its great stability. 
  • Equipment cabin specially for FPV is included. 

1. Reasonable cooling hole design makes airflow pass through battery's surface and help battery cool down. 

2. Battery cabin can hold 3S 1500-2200mah battery. 

3. When you use different capacity battery, you can use this cabin for weight counterbalance. 

4. Convenient servo assembly & take-down design.

5. Through whole nose's reinforcing carbon rod. 

6. Solid landing gear assembly hub.

7. Reasonable cooling hole design makes airflow pass through inside motor and help motor cool down. 

8. Plastic protecting shell and reinforcing carbon rod make motor mount more rigid and anti-impact.  

9. Convenient motor assembly & take-down design.

10. High effeciency brushless T Motor 2208 applied. 

11. You can use this part for weight counterbalance. 

12. Easy to assemble & take-down rudder/elevator assembly design with solid configuration.

Sisältää: Moottorin, potkurin,20A ESC:n ja servot.

Lisäksi tarvitset: Lähettimen, vastaanottimen, Li-po akun ja laturin.

Väri: Punainen


Tuote lisätty: 28.01.2013.
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