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REDCON 2.4G 9CH CM921 DSM2 DSMX Receiver W/ CM921S Satellite Spektrum JR Compatible

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Brand Name: REDCON
Item Name: CM921 receiver with CM921S Satellite
Band: 2.4G
Channel: 9CH
Material: Plastic
Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
Dimension: 50 *30*13mm
Weight: 14g
Voltage: 4-10V
Receiving Antenna Length: 30mm
Range: 800-1000m(test with JR DSX9)

The CM921 is composed of an internal and an external receiver,using dual channel radio frequency hopping technology.
Compatible with all the Spektrum and JR 2.4G transmitter
Support the default type all channel protection function
Wireless simulator interface(W.D.S.C),support REFLEXTR,G3,G4,G5 fly simulator 

Binding Procedure:
Step 1. Put the binding harness into connector location marked BIND.  Next apply power to the receiver.  Both receiver and  Satellite LED's should illuminate.

Step 2. To set fail-safe throttle and control surface positions, (minimum throttle with and all control surfaces set to neutral is suggested).  Press the bind button (LED will illuminate).  Turn on the transmitter. 

Step 3. Receiver LED will change from rapid flashing to slow flashing and a few seconds later when bind is accomplished the LED of both satellite and main receiver will illuminate solid. All fail-safes should be programed correctly now.

Step 4. Remove binding harness from the BIND channel.  Restart the receiver by cycling it's power off and back on.  All channels should function properly now.  You may test fail-safe by holding sticks in corner, cycle transmitter off.  Surfaces and throttle should return to your preset fail-safe positions set in.

General Notes:
Only one bind procedure is required on a new receiver.  Repetitive binding provides no extra security.  Always remember to remove the binding harness after successful bind is completed. 

Wireless simulator interface(W.D.S.C) :
- Main receiver and satellite must connect. 
- Receiver must bind with transmitter firist(AUX4 channel do not plug bingding harness)
- AUX3 is the (W.D.S.C) channel,connect with simulator line
- BIND channel and AUX4 channel plug the binding harness
- Apply power to the receiver with usb line or battery
- Power on transmitter ,both leds light,sumulator beginning 

LED Indication:
- Solid illuminated Red LED is indicates good signal.  If flashing, 1 flash indicates 1 signal loss, 2 = 2 signal losses and etc....

- The Orange LED on main receiver should flash one time when power if first applied.  It will flash several times when binding harness is connected.  It should stay illuminated if main receiver losses signal but the Satellite is still working.

- The Orange LED on the Satellite will flash one time when power is first applied.  It will flash several times during binding process.  It will stay illuminated when satellite is functioning normally. 

Package Included:
1x REDCON CM921 receiver
1x REDCON CM921S Satellite
1x Bind plug

Tuote lisätty: 26.04.2016.
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