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FatShark DominatorHD SVGA Headset Only (FSV1105)

259.00€  799.99€
Valmistaja Horizonhobby
Tuotenumero FSV1105
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With its large FOV SVGA resolution image, modular design, integrated DVR, HDMI port and side/side 3D support, the DominatorHD once again assures Fat Sharks’ dominance as the premier FPV goggle manufacturer. The DominatorHD does not sacrifice image quality for image size as the SVGA display up-scales the analog source to a large 45 degree image with minimal screen door effect and crisp OSD text in the corners. Components and features were chosen as only an FPV purest would; glass optics were chosen over plastic because image quality and large FOV could not be compromised on. A DVR was built in not for the enjoyment of watching movies but for the purpose of recording the video down link and telemetry data to help with lost model recovery. HDMI input was implemented to ensure forward compatibility with the digital HD links. The DominatorHD maintains the modular docking ports for back compatibility with existing RF modules. 

When not flying FPV, connect the HDMI port of the goggles to your computer or Apple device to view immersive side/side 3D movies or play 3D games.

This headset accepts a diopter insert to accommodate those who wear glasses. The Headset Diopter Insert Kit includes one pair each of Diopter inserts rated -2, -4, and -6 dpt.

DominatorHD Specifications


  • FOV (field of view): 45 degrees diagonal
  • Glass optics (binocular 8p direct view optical engine)
  • Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 57 to 73 mm (adjustable)
  • Optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt


  • Stereo

User Controls:

  • Channel selection
  • Volume control
  • Mode selection (wired/wireless)
  • Display control
  • DVR control
  • HT control


  • Power supply: 7 - 13 V (2S/3S supply)
  • Power consumption (@7.4V nominal):
  • 390mA wireless mode
  • 230mA direct mode (no RX)

RF Modules (optional):

  • 43 channel support on 6 bands (1G3, 2G4, 4 x 5G8)


  • Ergonomic molded headset w/ adjustable headband
  • Secured rubber eye cups for ambient light reduction
  • Weight: 200g


  • 800 X 600 (SVGA) LCD
  • Polarized LED backlight
  • NTCS/PAL auto selecting
  • side/side 3D

Head Tracker:

  • Modular (sold separately)


  • MicroSD support to 32Gb
  • Record rate: 6Mbps
  • MJPG compression, 30 fps, AVI
  • File playback (no codec support other than native recording)
  • Upgradeable via SD card


  • Not included, sold separately


  • 3.5mm AV in/out port
  • Power in port
  • 3.5mm 3p earphone port
  • MiniDIN4 data port (head tracking)
  • MicroSD
  • MiniHDMI (720p 50/60 Hz)
  • RF module port
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Tuote lisätty: 16.04.2015.
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