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Evolution 20GX 20cc Gas engine

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Valmistaja Horizonhobby
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The Evolution 20GX is a 20cc small block gasoline engine designed for .90- to 1.20-size airplanes. It’s been designed with a standard beam mount and dimensions that allow it to fit anywhere you might use a .91- to 1.20-size glow engine. It’s also remarkably lightweight, even with the ignition system and battery. With the included 2S LiPo ready electronic ignition and muffler pressure-regulated type carburetor, easy starts and tuning are a breeze, allowing you to take the model to the air in no time.

All of the Evolution® brand gas engines are designed from the start to provide you with excellent performance at a fraction of your previous operating costs. We have painstakingly designed each engine to insure a hassle free experience without giving away anything in expected performance or durability.


  • Lightweight construction based on the Evolution® 1.20NX glow engine
  • Outstanding power and performance for demanding RC pilots
  • Gasoline fuel delivers low operational cost and simplicity
  • Lightweight electronic ignition provides easy starts and superior reliability
  • 2S Li-Po battery compatible ignition without a regulator provides long run times
  • Standard .91 size beam mount allows for traditional mounting
  • In-cowl muffler included
  • Single prop nut attachment allows the use of any stock propeller and convenience while at the flying field
  • Supplied with fuel tubing and filters that handle gasoline and the high operating temperatures of a gasoline engine


Type:2-stroke gas airplane engine
Displacement:1.20 cu. in. (20.00 cc)
Bore:1.20 in (30.5mm)
Stroke:1.10 in (27.9mm)
Total Weight:33.6 oz (958 g)
Engine (Only) Weight:24.9 oz (708 g)
Muffler Weight:5.2 oz (150 g)
Crankshaft Threads:5/16-24
Benchmark Prop:16 x 6 @ 8,850 rpm
Prop Range:15 x 6 to 17 x 8
RPM Range:1,800-10,000
Fuel:87-91 octane gasoline (petrol), 20:1 synthetic
Muffler Type:Wraparound in-cowl muffler
Cylinder Type:Ringed/Steel liner
Carb Type:Regulated with Muffler Pressure

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Tuote lisätty: 15.07.2013.
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